Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Study Abroad paperwork never ends

So just another short update! Last week I told you all about my acceptance into the post-interview section of my study abroad application. Since then I've done a little bit of the legwork, well, as much as I can for now anyways. Now completed are:
  • Academic Advising form and meeting. Basically I had to meet with my academic advisor and together we looked over my progress so far and what I need to complete in order to graduate. Easy, nothing to worry about, but the deadline was tight. I had only 2 weeks before the due date (which is tomorrow!). 
  • Study Abroad Health Evaluation form. This one was a bit more tricky. Well, not tricky, just a bit more leg work. First there was a two page self evaluation survey. Do you have diabetes, allergies, medications, etc. After that was a doctors appointment for a physical. Fortunately I completed one back in February (for you ladies out there your yearly pap counts as a physical, so no need to for extra appointments if you've done it recently.). Then the doctor signs off and you're good to go. This one had a longer deadline, three weeks from interview. But it's taken care of now.
All that's left for the moment is an appointment with my campus travel clinic. No deadline on this one and unfortunately you have to wait until the term prior to leaving to do this. So bummer there, can't get it taken care of. The wait is good however since it will allow the clinic to give me the most up to date information on travel advisories, required and recommended immunizations, etc.

Advice for the day is to read your paperwork. I think I may have said this already, but read them carefully the moment you receive any form. I would have known to wait if I'd read them immediately.

Photo by Illaura Rossiter. Copyright 2012. Seriously, please don't steal it.

So that's it for the day. This term is winding down and I finished my Japanese final today with only one more to go! And just a heads up, updates might be sparse for a while as there is not much I can do in preparation for studying abroad during the summer term. I'll keep you updated though, don't worry. On the other hand you can look forward to a view ups and downs of taking summer classes for the first time in my life.

In lieu of my missed summer vacation I went to the coast with my family this past weekend! Here's a picture for your amusement since I don't have images for anything else!

My whole family, mom, brothers, sisters, dad, grandparents and me!

Until next time!


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