Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thank Goodness for Senpai and Tomodachi

A day or two ago I began the arduous task of searching out and purchasing the perfect denshi jisho (electronic dictionary). Being completely new to this strange completely kanji filled world I was lost. How do you choose a product when you can't read the descriptions? How do you know which model is what.

Of course, I was over and under thinking things. My first instinct was to hit the Japanese Amazon. However, I was quickly lost in a sea of question marks.

My awesome senpai who will also be studying abroad soon.

So yesterday (was it yesterday?) I asked my せんぱい(senpai) or senior classmate for some help. She managed to find a site in English (why didn't I think of that?) that had a lot of the newer models and allowed for searching based on just about everything. Long story short, we picked out my denshi jisho. The site we used for research purposes (I'm a penny pincher!) was Denshi-Jisho. According to the website it's designed for English speakers who are learning Japanese. I'll give you the low-down on it once it arrives.

Casio Ex-Word XD-D9800GM

Which brings me to my second point. My awesome 友達(tomodachi), or friend. In the fall of 2011 I hosted my second of three exchange students. She's completely awesome. Anyways, she's recently moved back to Tokyo and, since it's roughly $135 cheaper to buy this beauty from Japanese Amazon (see, my instincts weren't that bad) than from the other site, shipping included, she has agreed to once more be my savior. So my awesome friend will be mailing me my denshi jisho and in exchange I'll be sending money to her in Japan. More on that once I figure out how I'm going to do that.

My awesome tomodachi.
Other than wrangling with how to enter a Japanese address (what goes where?) on Japanese Amazon and a few mishaps with fraud prevention (they call me every time I order something, haha) things are fairly smooth. My advice for everyone, make some awesome senpais and tomodachis to help you out! They're life savers! 

Edit: Here's some information on hosting students for the University of Oregon. You can host a student from near about any country. The program is usually 5-14 days long and you can make some seriously awesome friends. 


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