Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Final(ish) step - Japan Women's University Exchange Student Application

So I'm not sure if I've made this clear before, but there is a three part process to being accepted into the Japan Women's University's study abroad program. The first step was the application applying for the program. This application was for the university, kind of like a screening process to make sure you're eligible, yadda, yadda all the red tape stuff. (The Japan Applicaiton) . The second step was the interview, Study Abroad Interview Jitters and Relief. And now I'm onto the third step. The application for Japan Women's University itself.

I picked the packet up on Monday and I was really nervous.  Honestly I didn't know if I could fill out an entire application if it was all in Japanese. Looking up a single kanji can take forever, let alone looking up tons of them and my denshi jisho hasn't arrived yet. So I was very relieved to open the packet and find this front page.

The application is in both English and Japanese and most of the instructions are to write in English. That was a relief. The entire study abroad application for Japan Women's (this one will be going to JWU, not the UO) is 8 pages long (Pictures at the end), 7 if you don't count an information page. It consists of a two page information page for JWU. Then there is a three page packet that is a visa application. After that another form for my doctor to say that I am healthy and tell them that I have bad eyesight. The last two pages are for tutoring, one is information about the tutoring program including the fact that my tutor will pick me up at the airport when I arrive, not my host family. This kind of surprised me. I have hosted students from Japan in the past and I have always either picked them up from the airport or helped arrange for them to take a cab or shuttle from Portland to Eugene and then met them. The second page of the tutoring section is entirely in Japanese. So I enlisted another awesome 友達 (tomodachi), Marie!

There are a few bits that I have to do in Japanese, essays and the tutoring page mostly. For the JWU application the short essays are (in Japanese) what are my reasons for applying to Japan Women's University. And the second (in English) asks about what I have and will study, what I plan to do career wise and what my interests in Japan are. That's a lot of information to write in that little space. I will be working out these essays (along with the others) this coming week with the help of all my previously mentioned awesome friends!

The tutoring form is entirely in Japanese as I have already said. So I asked Marie to help me read it during our language exchange time. I was able to very quickly fill out and understand the essay questions thanks to her. Off the top of my head I think they were a self introduction and asking for interests and hobbies (both academic and non-academic). Other than that is asks for contact information, if you would like a tutor and if you would like to introduce your culture while in Japan. Marie and I joked about that for a minute (the only thing I could think of was giant hamburgers) and eventually I circled わからない, or I don't know!

Overall it's not as painful as I thought it would be. So this paperwork is due by the 27th of the month and I received it on Monday. So I have just less than 3 weeks to finish it, though hopefully it will be done by the end of the week.

Also, last bit, some very exciting news before you can take a look at all the forms, sometime soon we'll be featuring a guest blogger from the blog Onaji Sora. Our guest, Camille has finished a study abroad program at Tsuru University in Japan and is preparing to return to Japan again, this time through the JET program, in August.

Forms in the order I listed them.(Sorry about the odd layout. Blogger is being picky.)


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