Friday, November 16, 2012


Here is a special little post about yesterday's fiasco. As you know Tuesday morning I purchased my ticket to go to Japan. However, yesterday I received an email from the program coordinator saying that we should arrive on January 27th, not January 5th as the acceptance letter says.

This close to departure finances are tight. While I would have reveled in this news had out come two days earlier, yesterday it came as a matter of panic. The minimum charge to change international flight dates is $250. If I changed the date I would be or $250 for my trip. If I went ahead and left early, I would have nowhere to love for that 18 day time period and hotels are even more expensive than flight change fees.

To put it simply, rock met hard place yesterday.

Thankfully I do have one SUPER AMAZING FRIEND who now lives inTokyo, Ayumi. Thanks to her I will have a place to stay and someone to help out a bit those first few days. So huge round of applause to Ayumi. I'm eternally grateful to her!

That's all on that. I should hear back about my official acceptance package on Monday. So fingers crossed!

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