Thursday, December 20, 2012

15 days

Hey everyone, so there isn't a lot really to talk about right now. Not much has happened since my last update. I received notification that my verification stuff for the Gilman Scholarship was approved and mailed off my Freeman Asia verification information. I should be seeing the Gilman money in 2-3 weeks (but I'm really hoping it will be two weeks, you know, before I get on a plane). However, I won't hear about Freeman Asia until after I am abroad. So there is that.

Right now I'm shirking Japan preparations and instead I'm focusing on Christmas. Right now I've been sewing non-stop to get all those Christmas presents finished and in the process wondering just how much I really like all these people. Just kidding. Love you guys, but seriously, sewing needles and pins just don't like my fingers.

Not quite sure where this one came from, but copyrights to it's original owners.

Anyways. I think the biggest issue for me at the moment is all this fear and worry that's circling around in my head. I think I've called off the whole study abroad thing about 4 times this week, but somehow I'm always right back on board the next morning. Long story short I'm having doubts about my language skills (which at the moment seem next to none), fears about leaving my family and life and doubts about well, just about everything. I'll be doing normal things, going grocery shopping, cleaning the house, watching a movie and I'll find myself bursting into tears because I'm leaving so soon.

I know that this will pass though as soon as I'm abroad, it's just weird to think that this is not how I imagined I would be feeling right now. I always imagined that at this stage in my trip I would be so excited and making plans, but instead it feels like I'm walking up to the executioners block. Funny how that works out. Any who, I'm sticking it out with a lot of help and support from everyone I know. It's amazing just how many people who have my back right now. It really does help.

Next up on my study abroad experience is my first ever going away party. Yes it is December. Yes it is freezing and we did get just a teensy bit of snow the other day. But we are barbecuing on Friday because let's face it, that's just the way we Oregonians roll. Oh and note to dad: back off the ribs; I'm cooking them this time! :) A few days after that (you know, assuming the world doesn't end and all) will be Christmas and then I'll start packing my apartment.

Again, copyrights to it's original owners.

I've tried packing before now, but every time I start I find myself in a weird nostalgic everything makes me tear up state. So I'm waiting until after the festivities and I'm getting the gang together and we'll just power through this. Hopefully.

Oh also, Heather, if you're reading this, that Quillow was awesome. It's totally going in my carry on.

I'll try and pop in again on Friday, or maybe Saturday before my Resident Evil 6 marathon (because I totally haven't had time to play it since you know, it came out). Until then, I hope your holiday season is going wonderfully!


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