Saturday, January 5, 2013

A few more notes.

So, I forgot to mention that on the car ride last night I got to see a few pretty awesome things. The first was the sky tree, it was all lit up blue and white. I also saw Tokyo Tower which was light up orange. Then there was rainbow bridge which was really cool looking and Disney land was all light up with lights and looked awesome! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures just yet as my camera was stowed away in my luggage out of my reach.

A picture of Rainbow Bridge from Google.

We did stop at a コンビニ which is a convenience store, to use the restrooms and get hot tea which was yummy. I will note that so far, the restrooms I have seen in Japan all have signs with a picture of what style the toilet is. I haven't been brave enough for a Japanese style one just yet. But the western style toilets all have had buttons so far for a range of functions it seems. Luckily, I have been able to find the flush button so far. Also ,the toilet seats are warm. Which, sounds totally weird and gross. But it was nice. Especially when I felt like my teeth were going to chatter out of my head.

Then my host family's toilet seems mostly normal. Except that the handle to flush has an ”大きい” big and ”小さい” small side for flushing. You guessed it. Number 1 and 2. Also, the seat was warm and on top is a little sink that when you flush turns on so you can wash your hands.

Those are my notes for this morning. :)


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