Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Off

Today I decided to go out, go for a walk and apparently spend some money. I ended up walking down to Book Off. From what I gather it seems to be a place for buying and selling books, CDs, DVDs, games, etc. The blu-ray selection at this place was tiny though, I was a bit sad.

Anyways, so I managed to find the children's section first so I bought some books for my youngest sister back home.

Let me just start by saying this store's book collection is pretty impressive. The entire second floor is devoted to books and downstairs there is a pretty darn big selection covering about half the store. I'd say at least a third of all the books in the store though, were manga. And most of them only 105 Yen!

There are days I would have cried and spent every penny I owned in this place on manga had I been able to read Japanese. While I still enjoy a good story, I'm not crazy. I found one that looked interesting enough and for about the price of one volume back home picked up a good start to the set that should last me a while with my current reading level.

Hana ni nare!

I also spent a while perusing the CD's, but was so overwhelmed that I had a hard time locating any of the artists I like. I did manage to stumble across the anime section and ran across a couple of CD's that cost an arm and a leg back home, but were only 250 yen each in the sale section. Which, while on the topic, the store seemed to have sale areas mostly for CD's that ran 500 yen, 250 yen and 105 yen. Most of the manga I saw fell into the 105 yen area, but there seemed to be plenty of full priced manga present as well.

After dropping my bag off at the apartment I went out on a walk. I'm going to admit it now. I did get a little lost. But here's a picture of the railroad crossing that I did remember to take!! :) Also, more pictures from my walk!
Actually, these are mine....

Entrance to someone's house.
Random arch

I smelled these before I ever saw them! So cute! So fragrant!

Little shop next to someone's house.

A little shrine tucked between buildings.
Another little shrine.


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