Sunday, January 13, 2013

Challenge accepted

So today I met up with Jessica (you remember her, from the guest post!) and after an hour of being on trains thinking, oh god, I'm on the wrong line, I finally arrived and was totally on the right line the whole time. Basically we walked and talked. I learned a lot of good things to know, like that all convenience stores have bathrooms and there is a bar with I think it was 215 yen drinks. Sweet. While on, I think it was probably a good hour long, stroll through her area we got to talking about vending machines.

To be fair, all I've seen so far are drink machines and two cigarette machines. So I'm not going to on and on about them. Today. Anyways, apparently once the weather warms up they change out a lot of the hot drinks and put beers in the vending machines. Mind. Blown. This led to the topic of how to they stop underage drinking? To which the answer was, they don't, then leading into her male friends who apparently keep wallets in their back pockets. She says she asked her friends what was to stop someone from grabbing their wallets and running off with them. Their answer, because this is Japan.

Yeah. Apparently, the Japanese get away with that a lot. Another good example. Bicycles. How exactly is this a good example? They are never locked up. Ever. I've seen mounds of bicycle parking lots so far. I've seem bikes parked on streets and in bike racks and where they probably aren't supposed to go. I have yet to see a single lock on a bicycle anywhere in Tokyo. I asked Jessica what was to stop someone walking off with the bikes, which initially led to the wallet conversation ending up with the logic of "because this is Japan."

Apparently I'm going to jump around a lot here today. Back to vending machines. Jessica swears that you literally cannot go two square blocks in any direction in Tokyo without finding a vending machine. I almost have to consider this a long term challenge. So, Jessica, here it is official. I accept your challenge and I hope to complete it! -Insert evil laughter here-

On another note, be careful if you're cooking using the gas stoves for the first time. They can seem to run a heck of a lot hotter at times. I managed to burn my okonomiyaki without actually cooking it all the way through because of the heat. One more adjustment I need to make.....


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