Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Off to Shinjuku...

Hey guys, so a lot of things happened yesterday. And by a lot of things I mean three different trains, 1400 yen and arrival at Ayumi's apartment! Oh, did I mention we were lugging around 3 suitcases and a couple of bags through the train system? Yikes!

Unfortunately I'll have to tell you that tale a bit later because right now I'm getting ready to head of to Shinjuku. Ayumi is taking me halfway because she has class, and then I'm on my own until lunch time when she's going to meet me before she goes to her next class. After that, I'm on my own for finding my way back to the apartment! Wish me luck! Tales to come!

Edit: Made it there and back. Update to com.e 


qwacksalot said...

huggs from home

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