Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wasabi Incident

Hi everyone! Yesterday I went to a sushi restaurant called Kappazushi with my host mother, Asa! The place was HUGE! I'm told it's the biggest sushi restaurant in her area!

Of course, I managed to make a huge mistake. During the night I had probably eaten 10 plates of sushi and I managed to grab a yellow plate every time except twice. The first time I hardly noticed that my sushi had wasabi so I was able to scrape it off the second piece before eating it. I hadn't made any relation between the color of the plate and the presence of wasabi on the sushi.

My first plate of the night! Ham sushi. I just had to try it. Tasted like bacon though.

Heh. Yeah. I made that connection on my second red plate. After some prodding from Asa I agreed to try scallops for the first time. So, picking up my plate I popped it into my mouth and... this is and intere- oh dear god! My mouth is on fire! I reached for the nearest plate and unceremoniously spat it back out.

These ones are the safe ones!!!!!

Probably the worst table manners ever, but I can't handle spicy food, period. And it tastes 10 times spicier to me than it actually is. So, I hope I didn't offend anyone too badly.

 Some other interesting notes. There are these little monitors stationed between every two chairs and you can order anything off the menu. If you order sushi then it comes on the "shinkansen" on the top track above the conveyor belt carries all the non-ordered sushi.The shinkansen stops directly in front of you and beeps to let you know it's there.

Probably should have placed this sooner, but eh. When you sit down there is a little green tin can and you shake the powder into your cup.  You then push your cup against the little black button, which is actually pretty stiff, and hot water comes out and fills up your cup!

And lastly here is the conveyer belt the food comes around on! And baby squid! Baby squid is so adorable! I could never eat it!!!!!! 

Bonus: You could see Mt. Fuji from the building I was staying at on a good day! Here's a picture!


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