Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day in Yokohama

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay, I came down sick just after my last update and I'm just now getting up and about again. So here is the long and short of what I need to catch up on. It's a long weekend this week so I'll try to get more caught up later.

So last week I went out to Yokohama with my friend, her tutor and her host mom.First things first, we went to China Town. Yep. I said it. China Town, in Japan.

The entrance to China Town in Yokohama.

Now, for the record, I have never, ever looked at a Jellyfish and said "My, you look delicious." And I never will. As for duck, the jury is still out. What can I say about China Town? If you've been to one, you've been to them all. The biggest point of interest was a large temple. It was pretty awesome and while it felt like another tourist trap I was able to walk in and out of it with my wallet not a yen lighter.

After China Town we headed over to the bay and made our way to the ship Hikawamaru which is also a museum about it's history. The entry fee was extremely cheap, around 200円, so if you like boats or are just in Yokohama on a trip and are wondering what to see. I recommend stopping by here.

The Hikawamaru in Yokohama.

Inside you get to see what the cabins looked like back in it's hey day and learn about various parts of the ship. Here's a deluxe cabin aboard the Hikawamaru, which is a high class than first class.

Where we went next, or rather, were going to, but didn't want to pay 700円 for entrance, is the Cup of Noodles Museum, appropriately named "!!! CUPNOODLES MUSEUM". This is directly across the street from the giant ferris wheel and is about a 20 minute walk from the Hikawamaru. Or at least that's according to the Google bot. It felt like about 40 minutes to me, but I'm not used to walking and was already tired.

This was soon followed by a 980円 pot of tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Apparently my friend's host mom loves  this place and took us there and treated us. The place was really ritzy, but still, I couldn't get over the fact that my tea was $10.

Remember the ferris wheel I mentioned previously? Here it is all lit up! Somewhere nearby to the expensive tea was a giant building which I can't fairly call a department store because it was too cheap (and housed the Pokemon Center (Yes, I remembered to heal my Pokemon!)) and I can't accurately describe as a mall. If I had to pick one I'd call this multistory building a mall. Anyways, the ferris wheel outside is pretty! I want to ride it sometime!  Or a ferris wheel in general.

The following day I ended up coming down sick. Thus the delay in posting. Not my most detailed work ever. Sorry guys, hope it's still interesting!

Oh and here's some Janglish for you. 

Today after class Chelsea, Brianna and I went to Shibuya. Not unusual, we all transfer there every day and thus it's a good spot to stop off and hang out. But today we decided to go down the side streets and basically off the main roads and found a pretty little bit of road.

Then we went to purikura! Here's a shot of our work in progress.

Also, care package arrived today! Nevaeh drew me a picture. Officially on my wall and made my day more super awesome than it already was (you know, after class, but that's a post I'll do another time). Also, the Velveeta that arrived in the box is going to be my delicious lunch sometime soon!!


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