Monday, April 15, 2013

A Biohazard Birthday

So it’s official. I’m 23 now, which means I’m old. Just kidding. This past weekend was a whole lot of fun as a result.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a MAJOR fan of the Resident Evil VIDEO GAME series. This series is known as Biohazard just about everywhere, except the U.S.A. Note that I said video game, not movies. Two different stories in my opinion. Anyways, so, being a giant fan of the series I headed to the Biohazard Café in Shibuya with a couple of friends.

This place is pretty much my ultimate nerdy-restaurant-café-dream-I-never-knew-I-had realized. They were running a lot of promotional stuff for the new game set to be released in May, but there was all the classic stuff there as well. Also, the staff are dressed in costume. Well, one of two costumes. The ladies who work outside the main café area where you pay where officer’s uniforms and the ladies inside wear something similar to what Jill wore in one of the last Resident Evil movies. Photography of staff was not allowed however.

The staff were super nice and let us use the (not real) guns in the café to take some pictures in front of nemesis.

Posing in front of Nemesis in the Biohazard Cafe in Shibuya.
Posing in front of Nemesis in the Biohazard Cafe in Shibuya.
First boss encounter complete. Anyone have an ink ribbon? 

Props in the Biohazard Cafe.
If the food isn’t enough to get your health up, try some herbs! Yellow and red on display here. Don't forget! Greens are more potent when mixed with a red!

Props in the Biohazard Cafe.

And the food and drinks, of course, was also Biohazard themed. Some of the special limited edition meals for the new game came with pins. Here are our meals. First up, me:

The Jill Valentine - Non-alcoholic cocktail at Biohazard cafe. Grapefruit flavored. Yum.
You eat what you kill. This was actually really good. Word of warning to the faint of heart, this dish includes cow organs. No idea which ones.

The button that came with my meal.


Escape to Ecstasy.
Egg and rice.


Saint Michael's Clock Tower.


Kasane on the left with the Chris Redfield.

As we finished up eating we asked for my desert to be brought out since I was the only one who ordered any and as we were waiting the lights in the restaurant suddenly cut out. We were worried for all of half a second before a happy birthday song come on and out comes two zombies (a surgeon and normal old zombie) carrying my Raccoon City style Desert complete with candles. Some dancing ensued as they brought it to the table and I blew out the candles. Completely took us by surprised as they had overheard us talking about it being my birthday and decided to be awesome. Best. Birthday. Ever.

Just as were about to head out we were advised by one of the waiters that we should wait just a few minutes as an event was about to start. So, naturally, we waited. After a few minutes the lights shut off and the staff came around urging everyone to hurry and stand up along with something like the monster’s woken up or arrived or something while one of the staff frantically pulled weapons off the wall and handed them to the nearest customers, myself included. They then urged us to the middle of the floor to take part in a killing nemesis event. The guns made gun noises and we had to “reload” and we took down nemesis and saved everyone in the café. Gotta admit, I felt pretty boss doing it. (I hate you for giving me that phrase Briana.) We received sheriff-y shaped stickers in Biohazard style for saving the day. 

I fought Nemesis... and won!!
Fake gun used to kill Nemesis.

As we exited the staff called out “Good luck.” I then checked out their Biohazard café gear and Biohazard art books and purchased a book and a pasmo (like a pre-paid card for the trains). Note to anyone wanting to go to the best café ever, they close their doors on June 31st, 2013. Just a heads up. As we paid they gave us all stickers (I got the whole set because it was my birthday) and everyone else got one. 

Good luck!
Overall, amazing. Best. Birthday. Ever. Can’t say that enough. After splitting up (if we had been in a horror game that would have been the worst decision we could have made), Chelsea and I headed for the Sky Tree. Unfortunately, due to strong winds the tower was closed for the day. Oh well. Took my memento picture with plans toreturn another day and headed to a sweets shop where I picked up a box of sweets to bring back and share with everyone. While waiting in line for the counter I could hear the employees (and see them gesturing) them saying how cute I looked. Flattered I made my way up to the counter to pay and one of the employees came over behind the one helping me and told me that I looked cute before running off to stand with the other employees where I heard her say “She looks like a princess.” How many girls get legitimately told by a stranger that they look like a princess on their birthday!?! I was sooo happy. Cloud 9 is right about where I was sitting. 

This is my princess dress! (Even if I'm still missing a blouse and petticoat!)

Just when I thought my day had ended I came home and was sitting in my room working on some kanji stuff when a knock from Kasane came at my door. She told me she made some food, but she couldn’t eat it all so she wanted to give it to me. Having not eaten, I accepted and we walked out to the blackened common room. Okay, not unusual. Happens a few times a week. Open the door and lots of popping of those streamer things startled the living daylights out of me followed by my sushi cake. Yes. Sushi cake. The rice was shaped like a cake with the fish on top. Best. Birthday cake. Ever.  

 As it turns out, all the girls on my floor had chipped in and made up a big meal. We had sushi cake, okonomiyaki, sashimi, Japanese style eggs that love, crab and some other things. It was amazing. Really, truly amazing. I love these girls. And seriously, 23 = the best birthday ever. I can’t say that enough. 

いろーら (Illaura) is written on the sushi cake in hand-cut nori!!!
Our feast!
So here’s a shout out to the 4F Senshin girls! You rock! Thanks for making my birthday the best ever!! 

4F Senshin Dormitory girls 2013!


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