Wednesday, April 3, 2013

JWU Dorm Rules

Japan Women’s University dormitory rules as per our official paper. The unwritten, but just as “You must follow” to follow. XD

  1. Drinking alchohol and smoking in the dorm are prohibited.
  2. You are advised to do cleaning in the public space every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Cleaning begins at 8 am.
  3. You are asked to take part in dorm meetings
  4. Joining in dorm events is encouraged.
  5. Students are to work the dormitory switchboard (telephones) for two hours once a month.
  6. There is a curfew which students should not break. You should telephone the guard office whenever you are late for the Curfew at 10:45 PM in the case of unavoidable circumstances.
  7. Staying out overnight is not allowed. If you stay out overnight owing to an unavoidable circumstance, you must submit an Overnight Leave Request, the notice that you will stay out, to the guard office.
  8. Staying in pajamas or underwear is only allowed in private rooms. (Though no one seems to follow the first part of this)
  9. Each student is responsible for their own valuables.
  10. Please contact your dormitory advisor or a caretaker if you have any questions or problems.

So, that’s the “official” list of rules. Here are some of the rules that aren’t listed on that sheet (but some may be listed elsewhere), but that we need to follow.

  1. Any items placed in the common rooms refrigerator must have your name and room number written on them.
  2. There is roll call every night at 11 PM. Everyone gathers in their floors common space at 10:45 for roll call.
  3. Quiet hours are from 11 PM.
  4. The use of hair dryers is not permitted after 11 PM. The same goes for CD Players and anything that makes a lot of noise.
  5. Close the lid on the toilet when you’re finished using it. (Yes, the top part of the lid. Still. Um. What?)
  6. When you enter the bathroom use the toilet slippers provided in the room upon entering the restroom.
  7. When leaving you must change your name plate in the room next to the entry way from “in” (black) to “out” (red) and you must change it back when you return.
  8. When you return to the dormitory you must show the guard at the gate your little card that you received with your key in order to return to the dormitory.
  9. Shoes are not allowed inside the dormitory. (This should be a given *cough, cough, Japan, cough*
  10. Overnight Leave Requests should be made 3 days in advance.
  11. When you are finished using the shower and お風呂 (bath) you are to pick up any leftover hair and throw it away in the garbage can provided.
  12. The above rule also applies in the 洗面所 (Washroom).
  13. When you want to use the shower you must first locate the shower paper on the table near the shower room and write your name, room number and shower stall number as there are only 3 available. When finished you must cross out your name.
  14. When finished in the shower, leave the provided basket in the doorway as a prop to the door to let everyone know nobody is inside.
  15. When you use the fifth floor washing machines the same rules as the shower paper applies only you should also write the color of your bag and leave it next to the machine so that they next person can pull it out and start theirs if you are forgetful.
  16. The second years use the second shelf for their cups.
  17. The first years (and 留学生 (me)) use the third shelf.
  18. Don’t use the second year's things. 

Um. Yeah. I think that’s about it as far as Japan Women’s University dormitories go. I’ll add more as they come up though!


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