Monday, April 1, 2013


Just wanted to make a quick note before I pop out for the party my floor is having tonight (sweets and "Hello my name is" will happen in abundance).

We had orientation today. I know, I know, I haven't even shown you my dorm room, I'll get to that soon enough.

So anyways, orientation. While, if I'm being honest, I understood around 40% or less of what was said during the entire orientation, which was in a large building that looks like a church and had both students and parents inside, I did understand this. Every speaker who got up on stage for the length of the one hour orientation that was more like a "Welcome and congrats on getting in" every single speaker said something to the following effects.

"The dorms are very strict but don't think negatively about it, it will be fun."

"I stayed in the dorms for (2-4) years when I attended JWU and I thought it was hard but, there were fun times."

"The dorm has so many rules it can be hard to adjust to and sometimes I felt like I couldn't do it. But it is very fun."

Overall, you get the theme. The dorms are strict and super full of rules, but they're fun! Hrm... I'll decide that soon enough. I just thought it was hilarious. Like everyone knows the rules are way too strict, etc. but they're trying to brain people into the "it'll be fun" aspect.

I actually have a friend who swears I either signed up for military school or some kind of boarding school to turn Japanese women into proper house wives. I'll have to let you in on some of the rules soon enough.


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