Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quick look at the Japan Women's University Dorms

The dorms

So, I wanted to give you guys a quick run-down on the dorms.

So the dormitory at Japan Women’s University’s Mejiro Campus are one block off from the school. Two days ago (March 31st) I moved in.

Oh, now seems to be a good time to forewarn anyone thinking of going to Japan Women's University and staying in the dorms. There is no elevator. Which, at first I thought was going to be the worst thing in the world (as I live on the fourth floor), but actually only turned out to really be a problem when lugging luggage up the stairs. I'll give you guys a run down of dormitory rules soon.

Here is what the walk up to the dorms looks like from inside the gate which leads to the dorms and is how curfew is enacted. It’s also how they keep bad people out. We have to show a special card (I’ll upload a picture sometime) to get in.

The walk up to the JWU dormitories.

Okay, cool, this looks nice.

The walk up to the JWU dormitories.

Tennis courts off to the left. Okay, if I ever decide to play tennis this will be way 便利 (convenient).

The walk up to the JWU dormitories.

Okay, not so sure about that building up over there.

The walk up to the JWU dormitories.

Garden is probably pretty in the fall.

I'm pretty sure the grudge lives in this building at the JWU dormitories.

I’m pretty sure the grudge lives here. Apparently they’re the old dormitories and are no longer used. But still. Looks like a horror film waiting to happen. No thanks.

The walk up to the JWU dormitories.

Look over there!

The walk up to the JWU dormitories.

Ohhh! We have a garden area! I’m digging it!

Senshin dormitory at JWU.

Ahh! The dorms! Finally!

Garden in front of JWU's Senshin Dormitory.
Such a pretty garden area! I foresee much time there once the weather gets better.

Then there is my room. I’m in Senshin Dorm. So all the rooms are singles and are pretty big, but they vary depending on where you are in the hall. For example, those rooms with the verandas are about half the size of my room. The ones in the middle seem to be the biggest and the others are somewhere in between. Here’s a couple pictures so you can get the gist of my room.

JWU Senshin Dormitory room.

JWU Senshin Dormitory room.

JWU Senshin Dormitory room.
I HATE windows on my doors but Japan seems to have a thing for it. So I used origami paper creatively.

So yeah. That’s the skinny, and I really mean skinny, I’m slacking on details right now. I’ll fill you in on the rules and how to’s on the JWU Dorms later.

Also, I want to mention that my floor mates are awesome. Right now I’m specifically talking about the second years. They’re all super fun and seem like really good friends! I’m looking forward to being friends with these people! Today a couple of us walked to Takadanobaba Station (about 25 minutes on foot from the dormitories) and did (you guessed it!) purikura followed by going to a famous ramen shop. It was sooo good.

Ramen in Takadanobaba. You dip the noodles in the bowl on the left and eat.
After that we went to カラオケ館 (A karaoke place) and it was super super super fun!

Apparently the girls took a couple of videos and think that I’m really good at Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. Hmm… I personally don’t think I can carry a tune in a bucket. So, I’ll let you be the jury if I ever get my hands on a copy.
Kasane and Minami.

Despite the rules I’m starting to really look forward to it here!! The second years have also promised to go to both Disney Land and Disney Sea (they say that it’s best to go to both) and Puro Land (basically Hello Kitty Land) with me at some point.


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