Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The title says it all. やっぱり, as I thought, my diagnosis is shin splints. On both legs. So, there isn't anything the doctor can really do for it. I was told no running or jumping for 3-4 weeks until it heals. So much for having rejoined volleyball. >.< Looks like I'm stuck setting (which I'm terrible at) and serving the majority of the time with some passing and hitting thrown in. Debating whether or not I should participate in full on practice/games or if that would be too much stress on my legs and prevent me from healing. Going to cut out running (as best I can) and jumping on Friday and see how I feel afterwards. Diagnosis afterwards. On the other hand, I now look like a mummy in training. Even better? Ninja mummy in training? No? Not feeling it? Hmm....

Supposed to wear these when I go out and when I exercise. >.<
Fashion outcast status here I come.
Oh, for those of you interested, the closest doctor's office to Japan Women's University where they speak some English is called the "Mejiro Orthopedics and Internal Medicine Clinic". Don't be intimidated though. They cover just about everything and they accept your national health insurance. If you're coming from JWU walk past Mejiro station and it'll be just a bit farther than the McDonald's on the left side of the road. If you see a book store you've gone slightly too far.

Which then makes this officially my third doctor's visit. Today included an exam (when the doctor pushed on where it hurt "does this hurt?" I almost yelled at him and instantly started crying, it hurt that bad) where he did an ultrasound on my leg. Good news was that there was no fracture. Then they took me to a separate room and hooked up my legs to this electric current machine thingy. They stuck pads on my legs (like from a portable defibrillator) above and below where it hurt and then turned it on and made me wait for about 8 minutes while it ran. Felt soooo weird. Like. My legs were asleep, but trying to run away in that one spot. Very disconcerting. They then took me to a separate area and taught me how to properly wrap my legs for going out and doing sports. So all that, plus the two bandages and a roll of tape came to a whopping 1,880円. Whoever said national health insurance would be a bad thing in the US needs to go *insert censored suggestions here*. Just about half the price, 980円, went to paying for the bandages and tape that I got to take home.

So, almost 5 months in Japan, 3 trips to the doctor, medical bills still don't exceed $100. Safe to say, I'm entirely pleased with the system.

In other news, I had ikebana again today. I am a little sad and have decided, starting next time, I'm taking before (before sensei looks at it and gives her pointers) and after pictures so a) you can see the difference and b) when the feel I'm going for is totally changed you'll have an idea what I was going for. I say this, because I had my whole thing giving off a foresty vibe until sense cut a couple of my "trees" (the big green poofy ones) in half and moved them. I was indeed sad because it had a totally different feeling in the end. The original reminded me of Oregon. Anyways here is the picture I have.

Next thought. Hydrangea, aren't you a bit early? For some reason my brain is telling me you're a late June bloom at the earliest. Why are you here in May!?! I have the distinct feeling that you definitely shouldn't be hanging around here in May.

Last note, I'm about to be very busy, yet again. In fact. I should be overwhelmingly busy now, but (insert list of excuses here). I have a midterm exam next week. For the class I hate. The last one on Tuesdays for my J501 class. Need to start studying. I just can't stand to look at that class' materials until at least tomorrow evening.

Did I say last note? I lied. Tomorrow I FINALLY get to go see Les Miserables! Going to dress up in the same outfit I had on the first go around two weeks ago and FINALLY see it! In Japanese!!

Unfortunately, this means I will miss the last archery practice before our match this weekend (on Sunday) and I haven't been able to go to the last two either due to 1) financial problems 2) the school loving to schedule mandatory events between 12 & 4 on Thursdays and Thursdays only 3) I didn't know the Sunday location or time and decided to sleep through it. So. We'll see how things go. And also, approximately one month from now I will FINALLY have my own bow and arrow set! I put in the order today, paid in full and it should come in around the end of June. Can't wait!

Okay. Really. That's all now! Have fun!

Oh, wait. Look at awesome candy! If you come to Japan, eat it!



qwacksalot said...

so busy glad just shin splints and nothing worse ,good luck on your exams you an do it... candy looks yummy
huggs from home..

qwacksalot said...

Have fun at Les Miserables!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it is shin splints I know they are painful,yes the US needs to take a look at their healthcare system, something here needs to change,Your flowers look great and I am sure they looked awesome before, Have fun at Les Miserable s! take time for yourself to de stress

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