Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hey guys, it's been a while since I've updated the blog. Sorry about that! Since my last update I've become a fan of The Game of Thrones complete with viewing marathons.
Game of Thrones marathon with Domino's and a Coke.
There was also a very Whovian day.

Kudos if you know what's going on.
I made my very first flower arrangement, though it wasn't a Japanese arrangement, but a normal one for Mother's Day. It's kind of bad, but here it is.

Mother's day flower arrangement.
The Wisteria have come and gone.

The wisteria in front of Mejiro Station.
Then, in an apparently almost unheard of circumstance, Iron Man 3 released in Japan about a week before it did back home. First time in a Japanese movie theater. Apparently, when you buy your ticket you have a seat reserved for you. I was super surprised at the assigned seating in he theater. The movie was in English with Japanese subtitles for those of you who are wondering. Some parts of the translation seemed a bit off to me, so it was kind of interesting.

Free stuff at the Iron Man 3 showing.
Doing the Iron Man pose.
The time for joining clubs has also happened. I unfortunately quit Tea Ceremony for two reasons. One is that I am very pressed for time with all my classes and the other three clubs. Also, I can't sit in Japanese style (正座) for more than a few minutes. Japanese style is sitting on your knees for the record.

A tennis club meeting in Takadanobaba at the rotary. A popular place for clubs to meet up apparently.
I also made a trip to the Costco for the first time. I'm going to admit that I very nearly cried in the Costco. It was just like being in the Costco back home. Almost all the products and brands were identical to those back home with a spattering of Japanese brands among them.

Kawasaki, Japan Costco
Japan Costco
Japan Costco
Japan Costco
Japan Costco
Japan Costco
Hot dog and Chocolate Raspberry Sundae at the Costco.
Last week was Golden Week. A string of holidays all lined up. I stayed out at Kimika's house and Mika came to visit from Kobe.

Purikura with the girls.
I also had the big welcome party for Archery. We all met up on Saturday and were split into groups. From there we were supposed to go on a photo scavenger hunt, but my group decided to just go visit the Sky Tree and hang out. We couldn't go up because it was so busy due to Golden Week.

Do the Sky Tree. - With Kyoka at Tokyo Skytree.
We also ate lunch at a restaurant called Jojoen which is apparently one of the best Yakiniku restaurants around. It was really yummy. :)

Lunch set at Jojoen.
Afterwards we all went to the Ryokan and had bento dinners. After ofuro everyone met up again and played some games. One of the games we played was called the 1/10th game. Basically we were split into 10 teams and each team would choose one person to go sit at the front table. Then each team would ask a question with a goal of asking a yes or no question in which only one person in the 10 answered yes. There were some other games too, but I can't really recall how they went.

The girls I shared a room with.
The next day I headed off to see Les Miserables after a round of purikura.

However, in a sad turn of events the day's performance was cancelled because one of the main cast had been injured. "But there's an understudy for those instances right?" I know, I know, I said the same thing. I purchased a ticket for another day and will try again on the 23rd to go see it. In the meantime I need to go through the return process for the first ticket to get my refund.

Les Miserables at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo.
Just before my hopes are dashed.
But hey, since the show was cancelled I got a free cast signature thing.
So that's the long and short of this past month. :)


qwacksalot said...

so much fun love all the pics and the flowers are all so pretty,so sorry about Les Miserables, but heck ya on Iron man

qwacksalot said...

and oh my Costco yippeee

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