Sunday, May 26, 2013

We are GPA!

Here is a quick blurb-y update!

My archery club had a 試合 (game) today. Found out after arriving that our competitor was Waseda. For the record, Waseda is MAYBE a twenty minute walk from Japan Women's University. Why we had our competition 45 minutes away from either school is beyond me. But, moving on....

Today was pretty awesome. We shot outdoors. On an honest to goodness field. No rooftops for us today! It wasn't too windy and, despite the heat on the way there this morning it ended up being really nice by the time we started shooting. Also, despite the weather forecast site I check, it did not rain on us! Thank goodness!! We shot 12 times (13, but round 1 was practice) with 3 arrows each time. So max 30 for each round. I'll let you do the math. Not saying I did spectacular, but I'm feeling pretty proud of my 239. Granted, we only shot from 10 meters, but I'll take what awesome I can get.

I also had one of those 外人 (gaijin - foreigner) moments today. If you're a 外人, you'll know what I mean. Basically when I arrived at Shinkiba station to wait for the rest of my archery club before heading to the location I saw some other 外人. Now, this isn't a big deal. It's one of those, spot other foreigners, have a kind of yay-I'm-not-the-only-外人 moment and move on with your day. Okay, so, there's more to it than that, I just can't explain it. Anyways, I figured they were just tourists or, well, 外人 who lived in the area and happened to be at the station.

Anyways. Fast forwarding about a half hour or so, I suddenly turn around and have a "Where are you from?" asked to me. Yep. Same 外人. Best moment of the day, finding out that there are other 外人 there in the competing club. Naturally, it was awesome. New friendship occured.

New friends Beverly and Mike. Beverly and I aided and abetted destroying the face of this target at my first competition.

Oh, and just so I never forget this.

"We are the Gaijin Protection Agency!"
"The GPA!"
"What's the GPA?"
"We are GPA!"

Thanks for having my back and covering my flanks there guys!


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