Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not Lost in Translation

So. I wasn't the best student yesterday. Why? Yesterday, spent two hours watching a movie instead of studying. Terrible, right? Anyways, as the title suggests, I watched Lost in Translation for the first time. I honestly have to say that I guess I didn't quite get it. There are definitely days where I could probably relate to it, but being as I speak English natively and my Japanese is good enough that i understood 90% of the Japanese being thrown about and not to mention know a good portion of the areas they went to I guess that's only natural, right? Guess I'm too used to being in Japan. Maybe I'll appreciate it more when I go back home.

I also realized I never told you guys about seeing Les Miserables live at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo. Long story short, it was FANTASTIC. I was completely blown away. If I could have, I'd have gone back to see it. Over and over again. Yes, it was in Japanese, but I know the songs and story so well, that it didn't matter that I couldn't understand half of what they said.

Next up. What's next? Um... There was ikebana again.

I started playing piano again. I only ever studied it for about 6 months back stateside over two years ago so it's slow going. Briana, though supportive, despises me "butchering" her favorite Adele song. Her room is just above the piano room, so she hears me every time I mangle playing the piano. Sorry Briana. I'll get there.

I hung out in Iidabashi with Chelsea and Naomi (You remember her right? If not -> Naomi's Guest Post - Study Abroad Tips ). Not really much to do in Iidabashi, but Chelsea bought a yukata and we meandered around the area. Also. We had taiyaki. I have no description for this, but awesome.

I went bowling with the first years from archery followed by an Italian 食べ放題 at a place called La Pausa in Takadanobaba. I don't recommend it for large groups though. Mostly because it takes a lot of time between dishes arriving and the portions left us still hungry at the end of our all you can eat.

Some of the first years I went bowling with.

 Yes, I know. I'm skipping over a ton. But mostly it's homework, school and practice you're missing out on. Also, scored a copy of The Last Lecture for 250円. So glad i finally got to read it.

Then today. Today was a mix of


So. Yeah. What happens is last night I set my alarm. Those in Japan with me know that this is the beginning of a bad day. I mean come on. Who sets alarms, right? Okay. Anyways, I set my alarm, go to bed after studying. Sleeping all nice and peaceful like, my phone wakes me up and I'm thinking how awesome it is that I feel so rested on so little sleep even though I'm up before my alarm.


It was 9:15. I was supposed to be meeting my teacher and classmates at Mejiro station at 9:30 to go to the kimono wearing event. Not only was I still in Pajamas, I had 15 minutes to throw something on, make my hair lie down by shoving a brush through it and catch the bus to run to the station. 15 minutes. To get from the dorms to Mejiro station. This walk usually takes me 25 minutes on a good day, but it shortened to 5 if I can catch the bus.

So yeah. Off to a bad start. I threw on clothes, which miraculously matched and ran to catch the bus. Not only did the bus not show up for another 6 minutes, it didn't leave for another 5 and then got stopped at the gate because some stupid night bus was blocking the gate. As I got on the bus I realized I hadn't put my contacts on and I would have had ample time to do so. Hindsight kind of sucks that way.

Anyways. So I FINALLY get to the station and I wait for the teacher who comes back to get me and take me to the place. Before she arrives though, I've realized I left my umbrella on the bus. The same umbrella that LAST weekend I forgot at an Izakaya and had just gotten back on Sunday. I felt like a dunce and got some strange looks from passerby when I started crying. But anyways, my teacher came back for me and she even paid for a cab. Best. Teacher. Ever. I felt terrible for being late, but I ended up having a lot of fun.

A couple more pictures at the end.
We ate snacks and our host gave us おみやげ and we made to leave. Dun-dun-duh! Rain. Of all the bloody times for it to rain. I'm an Oregonian. I thought I'd be fine without an umbrella. But Tanabe shared one she had borrowed from our host for half the trip, then we waited and our host bought an umbrella for each of us from the conbini.

Like this, only white.

I won't say who, but I had eyes rolled at me. I started crying again. This person I had just met, whose event I showed up late to, bought me an umbrella because I had forgotten mine. Seriously. It might sound like the stupidest thing ever, but being as how my day had been it was really, really nice and I couldn't help myself. It definitely turned into an I love Japan day. Though I'd like to hope anyone in the world might do something similar for someone in my situation.

So we went back to class, full on snacks from the event. We were all sad we'd had to take our kimono off though. After class, I managed to get ahold of the number for the bus company and made a call with no problems. This is a big step. I'm terrified of phone usage in Japan because it's hard to understand Japanese over the phone, but there were no major problems. Turns out, my umbrella had been turned in so I hoped on the bus and rode it all the way to the end, got my umbrella and came home. 1 1/2 hours round trip.

So yeah. Now your caught up. But I... I do have a speech to give tomorrow on Education Problems in America. No idea in front of how many people. Being as it's about 9 pm, I should really get busy.

Also, tomorrow I'm heading to pick up my bow which has finally arrived! Thursday I have this thing and I'm meeting up with my friend and we're heading to Asakusa! Then this weekend I'm heading to Hiroshima. Wow. I didn't realize how busy this week is until I looked at this paragraph again. がんばる!

As promised.

The boss.
I like to think of these two as our leaders. Don't go home Katie!
Most of the gang.
Top (left-right): Briana, Verena, Sabrina, Katie, Illaura
Bottom: Chelsea, Melissa


qwacksalot said...

so sorry ya lost your umbrella again glad you got it back again also it was so sweet of the teacher and the host the taxi and an umbrella we are so happy you are around such caring people. The kimonos look great and I bet so much fun..
hugs from home

Lisa Rose said...

Pretty cool! I'm glad you got your umbrella back...again! You guys look cute in the kimonos!!! <3

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