Monday, June 10, 2013

Sports and Technology

Hello! From the land of the FUTURE! Okay, so, I'm not REALLY in the future, but I AM a day ahead of those of you back home. So it counts. I'm like a time traveler. If only I could get my hands on a Doctor, or a Tardis, or both, I'd be set.

Also, I just had an energy drink after my third night in a row of 4 or less hours of sleep. So I'm a little spastic. Yes that was important for you to know going into this. Why? I'm not really sure. Something to do with if I start rambling or going off on random tangents, you'll understand why. See. There was one there. And there. Okay Illaura. Seriously. Stop it now. Moving onto my point.

Welcome to the land of June. In Tokyo the hydrangeas are in full bloom everywhere and there are some varieties I don't know. How do I know this? I'm a bit of a plant nerd. Plus, I've never seen one bloom in quite this fashion before.

Next note because my sister randomly reminded me, the Bieber is also famous and liked in Japan. This is a negative mark on your record Japan. Just a heads up.

Also, there are what I believe to be 梅 - Japanese plums both growing and plummeting from trees. I haven't confirmed this, but they certainly smell like plums.

Hello kitty 花火 (firework) stamps are also a thing. You bet I bought them. Half of them are currently en route to the U.S. by way of postcards.

On the second I had 飲み会 (drinking party) with my Archery club. It turned out to be more of an eating party. Still fun, but not what I expected. We have a competition this weekend, I'll try to take a couple more pictures for you guys.

On the topic of Archery, I finally have a picture of me doing archery. I already released the arrow, and I'm using a practice bow (mine hasn't arrived yet), but yeah.

And this is Kyoka! She's like my bestest friend!

She is also a die hard Resident Evil (and Pokemon) fan. We went with the two German girls, Verena and Sabrina, to the Resident Evil cafe two weeks ago.

Probably my favorite Japan picture yet.

This was our desert.

 Also, I got sick last week. It seems like part of living in a foreign country entails getting sick a bit more frequently than is normal. Also, Japan's cold and flu season seems to happen around now, or at least a second round of it does, because my teachers keep talking about how so many people have colds. But yeah, I got sick (again) and I got better.

そして。。。 Oh yeah! Chelsea and I had a late Easter party! By party, I mean we dyed eggs. And by dyed eggs, I mean we used 3 of the 6 colors so we can do it again when we have more than 10 eggs (of which only 8 ended up dyed). And by more than 10 eggs, I mean, we'll probably only have 10 eggs, but we get to do it again. I loved boiled eggs, so my end game was something like this.

I'll fight you.

Also, Mame and Haruko ended up joining us and dying their first ever eggs.


Haruko wrote 4F on hers.
We're getting to the part of the blog post where you finally understand the title. Yesterday 潜心寮 (My dorm) and Senzan寮's (I don't know their kanji) first years (and exchange students since we're always grouped with first years) had a sports festival! Naturally, I overslept and showed up late after the adviser came to my room and woke me up with a knock at the door. Now is the time to mention that I'm a terrible human being, I saw this butterfly on the way and said "You should meet Nemo! He has a small fin!" I felt awful afterwards.

There are lots of pictures, I'm only adding a handful (which for sanity's sake I'll tack on the end instead of now), but here is what you need to know.

The dormitory advisers. Plus two teachers I believe.

4F won at the three legged race where you have to take the sweets off the line by using only your mouth. Not sure what that says about us, but hey! We won something!

3F was the most 元気 (energetic) and boss group of the day. Again, see the majority of their pictures below.

I couldn't participate in any of the events because of my shin splints (no exercise for two more weeks) so I did what any ex-yearbooker (though you never really become an ex-yearbooker) would do. I took plenty of photos and videos. They're in the process of making their rounds through the dorms via USB and CD now. Here is the video.

Which brings me to my next point. Japanese people are technologically retarded. Japanese people are technologically challenged. Japanese people have problems with technology. Seriously, for what is perceived as one of the most technologically advanced places that puts out all the cool and awesome technology, it's really rather underwhelming how outdated and technologically illiterate a lot of people are. Example number one. "How do I burn the CD to my computer so I can see the pictures." There are too many ways I could pick this one apart. Example number two. "Wait. You can edit photos on a computer?" Example number three. "Can you fax that to me?" What is a fax machine is a perfectly acceptable answer considering I'm pretty these things got tossed out the window by the mid-90's stateside. Those are my examples. Please don't flame me about this. I'm just pointing out an observation I have made.

As promised. Pictures. But a quick note, you've probably noticed my format is a little different thanks to the spastic after effects of my energy drink. But if you like this version better (with little text and lots of pictures) as opposed to lots of text and a handful of pictures, let me know please!

Copying 3F

The One Piece pose.

Shoko (sp?) and お母さん (I guess her real name sounds very similar  to the Japanese word for mother)


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