Monday, June 17, 2013

The war on Bugs

My fellow humans. The assault on our kind has begun. I implore you. Do not take kindly to these invaders. Even one of them can cause any number of casualties. For the sake of humanity, we have declared war on 虫 (むし - Mushi - Bug) kind. Take heed and know that there is hope. Here are some of the weapons and cures at your disposal.

Even the smallest of these invaders can inflict serious injuries.

Injuries inflicted on the first day of our conflict. By day 3 they had grown to nearly twice this size.

Air based arsenal.

Within two hours of dispatching this weapon we have already seen signs of enemy casualties. There may yet be hope.  
Anti-虫 shielding.

Use this to protect yourself, making yourself less vulnerable to our enemy 虫. 

Use in case of injury.

Should the enemy succeed in landing a blow, use this to help mend the wound. This liquid based agent seems to work the best for this operative, but similar products with the same ムヒ brand are reported to work just as well by my fellow operatives.

Edit: Day 4 - 20 hours after medicine first applied injuries are visibly smaller and all around less frightening. Arm yourself with this knowledge and go forth.

Our cleverly disguised arsenal at work.
As one operative has said, the 虫 hate the smell so much, they drop dead. They'll never know what hit them.

Good luck! Fight brave! Fight proud! Humanity must live to fight another day!


qwacksalot said...

oh my I told ya it was not a mosquito by the way what is a Mushi - bug 虫 google did not help me at all

Illaura said...

A 虫 is a bug. It's a generic name encompassing all bugs which I'm currently waging war against.

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