Monday, July 15, 2013

On blazing hot days they go inside with the AC.

Hey everyone! I'm officially back in Tokyo. (So sad. I miss Osaka already!) It was definitely one heck of a weekend.

So, I already told you about Friday night arriving in Osaka. If you haven't read it yet go read it here. But the rest of the weekend, oh where do I begin? This weekend's blog will be split up into two posts, but first, let's start with our list we made. It went like this.

What smart people do
  • On blazing hot days they go inside with the AC.
  • On rainy, stormy days, they go inside where it's dry.
  • After a nice long weekend they go to Spa World.
We missed two out of three. >.< On Saturday we we woke up to it being BLAZING hot. I'm talking you walk into somewhere air conditioned and you walk outside again and are instantly smothered. All the fans in the world couldn't save us, but we put our determined faces and sun screen on and sallied forth.

But before we went out into the blazing hot world, we tried, and failed, to search for a last minute replacement hotel. We'd had NO AC the night before and it didn't look like it would be coming on. However, our efforts in vain, we moved on.

Where did we go, but Osaka-jo! You guys should remember it from last time around. The feeling this time was totally different though.

It was so bloody hot that, despite being the longer path, we walked through what had been the plum blossom gardens the last time I had been there because it was entirely shaded.

Even though we went the shaded way we stopped off for some shaved ice. I'm going to mention at this point that, thanks to the takoyaki incident which I will never live down, eating had been very painful all weekend. But even though every meal hurt it was worth it!

So after our shaved ice we headed up and while Jessica went in and toured around (I didn't feel like paying to enter a second time) I read on the steps next to the castle.

I also saw this guy wandering around.

Being as no one was in the area when we left, we took our own photos in front of the castle. 

We then hopped the train and headed towards Shiten-noji. What is Shiten-noji? Funny you asked, I just looked up details for you. It is the oldest wooden temple in Osaka having been built in 593 AD. While I did take a Japanese art history class a year or so back, I'm no expert on the subject, so I'll let you find out more information from those who know what they're talking about. But here's a couple pictures from the grounds.

The area surrounding this temple is completely covered in temples by the way. On Japanese maps you will see little swastikas which represent the locations of temples. The map we saw was littered with them. So if you're up for a day of temple viewing, this is definitely the area to go. We saw this graveyard.

There was also this little obaa-san cleaning it.

There was also quite a few super old looking temples. This one appeared to be possibly in the process of a renovation.

I made a prayer in the above temple for my cousin who just had a baby 3 months early. Good luck both of you! Keep fighting! This kami-sama looks big and bad enough to look out for the both of you.

After heading back to the hotel for a nap, we went over to Namba and did some shopping.The sides of the river were all lined with lanterns this time.We also hit up the Don Quihote (the big yellow building on the left) where I bought my backpack for Mt. Fuji in a couple of weeks.

And I finally did the Glico Man with the proper sign this time.

So, just to be clear. Day one of our trip, the rule was, smart people go inside with their AC on blazing hot days. As you saw, we stayed outside. In the blazing heat. My back still wields bright red sunburns as proof.


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