Friday, July 12, 2013

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Hey everyone, I'm writing this post from, wait for it-


Yep. That's right. I'm in Osaka again. This time with Jessica. How is this working out for me you might ask? Well, let me tell you. First off we're super excited, our airfare is $120 round trip (yes, round trip). So it's super cheap and I love Osaka and I'm totally in.

We get to the airport, mind you, I've only been on one plane before today, and I'm expecting security to take forever. Back home I had to take out my shoes, pour out my bags, be robbed of my dignity, yadda yadda. Here, no one had to take off their shoes, except me because i forgot to take my cell phone out of my pocket. It was super quick, set your bags down, pull out your laptop, walk through the metal detector, have a nice day. All in all, less than 10 minutes for my domestic flight.

Then we waited. For two and a half hours because I assumed we needed to be early because of security.

We get to our boarding gate only to find out they're going to put us on a shuttle and drive us out to our plane. Happens with small airlines says Jessica who has vast amounts of experience taking airplanes. Cool. Sweet. But, we arrive at our plane and it's... it's... tiny. I think I joked that it was a toy and then we questioned our logic in getting on this plane and letting it fly us over half of Japan.

Needless to say, we got on the plane. When we did we were alarmed to find what seemed to be fog spewing from the ceiling. I think we both panicked there for a minute, but according to the flight attendant it was totally normal and was just the AC. Super creepy. Super scary. Mark number two against our sanity.

Mist from the AC system. an you see it?

On the plane, however, I cried. Why? The flight attendant called me "sir." I wasn't sure what the appropriate response to the Japanese stewardess was.

After a ridiculously long 30 minute "descent" (the entire flight was roughly an hour) we arrived and made our way using the yet again ridiculously expensive train (did I mention it was about 1000円 to get to Narita?) which ran me about 1400円. After finally arriving at our station we made our way out through a hallway which smelled thoroughly of pee and began to search for our hotel. First bonus point of the day, it was only two buildings down from the train station.

However, and yes, there is a however, we began to question the hotel the moment we walked in. I mean, I've seen some pretty sketch places (thanks mostly to Briana) and this one was reaching the top of the list. But we checked in anyways, paid (1,500円 a night for the next three nights) and came up to our room.

I'm pretty sure the cup of noodles vending machine is from the 50's.
Our room. For lack of a better word. I believe this is mark number three against our sanity.

Basically, the situation we have found ourselves in is a three tatami mat room. There is no toilet or bathroom connected. The AC is broken. The door is really, really old. We're pretty sure there is a possibility of meeting our demise in this room. And did I mention it's only a three tatami mat room?

Our room as seen from the doorway.

Being a Japanese style room our beds are futons on the floor which, though my back my kill me for, I can live with. It's only saving grace, however, is the intermittent internet connection. We actually had to have the clerk reset the internet before we could connect. We were fine with finding out that the shower is one private stall per floor that you pay 100円 for 5 minutes. I'd had to pay 30円 for a toothbrush already. There is no towels or ANY amenities included in the room. So, we think that we've found possibly the most sketch hotel ever.

Until we go in search of the toilets.

In case you're wondering. Yes. There are toilets. However, this is what the bathroom looks like for our floor.

Count that, singular. BathROOM. One. One room. For males AND females to share. I yelled at the clerk a bit when he told me there was no separate female toilets. Jess and I have made a pact to take turns in the bathroom with one guarding the door from entry while the other uses it. Hopefully this pans out. >.<

Because we're hungry, and our hotel room is hot as all heck we head out to grab dinner. I buy some takoyaki and while waiting for it a little ojisan starts talking to me. This goes well until he points at my belly and asks "Is there a child in there?" Needless to say cries of "No! No! I don't even have a boyfriend! I'm so embarassed!" Flew about. I don't feel too bad though because of the amount of weight I've lost since coming to Japan.

On the way to the conbini to pick up Jess' dinner and our breakfasts I tried to eat one of the takoyaki, thinking it had cooled down enough. Well. No. It hadn't. But I tried to do the whole cool it off without spitting it out and then swallow it quickly trick. Well. That didn't work. Not only did it gag me, but it burned my throat and the takoyaki ended up very unpleasantly on the sidewalk. I'm so so so sorry whoever has to clean that up.

The view from the room of our hotel. Our room has a view of a wall.

Other than that, we're on the 10th floor of our hotel and the view from the roof is nice! Tomorrow we're off on adventures, though some of it will be repeats.


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