Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tokyo Game Show and School Adventures

Hey everyone. I think it's been nearly a month again. Sorry. There are three reasons for this, one I'm getting really, really bad at logging this stuff. Two, school has started, rendering me busy. Three, I am now studying for the N3 level of the JLPT, rendering me lacking in sleep and a life. Now that that's out of the way...

A few weeks ago I hit up Tokyo Game Show. It was pretty awesome. Despite everyone running on very little sleep a 2 hour cat nap we got up before the sun and headed to the train station to catch one of the first trains of the morning. Thus began our adventure.

Off to TGS 2013 in a borrowed Left for Dead 2 shirt. Thanks Jen!!
Then we saw a really long line.

And then we got in a different really long line.

And we waited some more.

And we waited forever while imitating those around us.

And we suffered in line.

The Tokyo Game Show line. Apparently the only place in all of Japan it's okay to sit on the ground.

And went a little crazy in line.

About 2 hours later, we finally got to go into the building. There was a lot to see and we first did a very quick round of the place before the crowd came in and one of the first places we checked out was the Square Enix merchant's booth. (I'll be adding more random photos to the end.)

One of the next stops, in my sleep deprived state, was the Monster booth where I received two free monsters, one courtesy of Chelsea who hates the things. I made another round over there at the end of the day as well.

The Monster booth babes.
After the Tokyo Anime Fair, which had almost no cosplayers I was surprised by the number of cosplayers I saw. Again, more pictures at the end, but there were a ton of awesome Final Fantasy cosplayers and this girl from Attack on Titan.

I do have to say though. This girl really impressed me. For a costume like this, you have to commit and she pulled it off well. Chelsea calls this a perv picture, but I wanted to show why she had to be 100% committed to this costume.

After a while the place got super crowded. Especially in front of my favorite booth. That's right. Playstation. The totally ran circles around Microsoft as far as epic displays go.

This, by comparsion, was the highlight of the Microsoft booth.


Not exciting in the least, right? Anyways, I got lots of swag including a cool sweat towelsome cheap computer tech (most of which I gave away) and a lot of folders. Apparently they were big on folders this year. Some things I'm excited about for the coming year though is (of course) the new Final Fantasy games. This includes the re-mastering of one of my favorite FF games, FFX.

Beyond Two Souls also looks like it's going to be amazing and Psycho Break as well was a big hit this year. I'm looking forward to getting the chance to go again next year. Hopefully I'll be a little bit more up on my systems before I go next time. (I'm going to guiltily admit that I haven't read my Game Informer since coming to Japan.) Again, more pictures to come at the end.

The next thing to happen, school started again. Please note my lack of excitement. I was originally going to take Children's Art 1, Children's Art 2, Children's Literature, Kanji and a Jacket making class. Unfortunately, due to studying for the JLPT I dropped the literature class. Things are going much better at JWU this term though. I am making more friends and have interacted more with Japanese people in the last 3 weeks that I feel like I did in all 3 months of the first term. I'm also planning a Halloween party with some of the girls from Children's Art.

My Wednesday children's art painting. We had some weird instructions. I think I did it right.

Then on Wednesday I FINALLY took Chelsea to my favorite tsukemen place in Takadanobaba AND I finally took a picture of the sign. This is the best place around. I highly recommend it. I take all my friends here. 

Briana and I call it Crouching Tiger Hidden Eagle, I'm not really sure what it's name is though.
My gaming group has also been going really well. We had an AMAZING session last week. Sadly, the point that convinced our crew that this red orb thing was messing with all of us is when mine and Chelsea's character agreed (which we never do since we're about as close to enemies as we can get).

Chelsea contemplating at game.
So on top of being super, excessively busy between school and clubs, what am I doing? Making a Halloween costume of course. This year I will be going as, drum roll please, Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0.

I don't have the link to where I downloaded this since I downloaded it as a reference picture.

And then, to make me even busier, I've officially started volunteering at Homei elementary school which is affiliated with Japan Women's University. Conveniently, it's located just across the street from the university. Not so convenient is that I come from an hour and a half away on Thursday mornings so I get very, very little sleep. But so far it's been a lot of fun. Right now they're having me go around to see all the different classes and levels. I'm making memos of things I notice that surprise me or are different, etc. and I'll do a blog post on that later. For now, I'll leave you with a picture from the girl's morning greeting/exercise thing.

And the very last thing. The very, VERY, VERY last. The world's biggest pear. I swear. Shoko's grandmother grows pears and gave these to her. They. Are. ENOURMOUS!!!

Edit: I totally forgot bonus pictures from Tokyo Game Show 2013. Uploading those now. (Hint: Click on the pictures to make them bigger.)


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