Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jessica on Mt. Fuji

So I'm sure you all remember her, how can you forget, I keep bringing her into the blog! My friend Jessica has FINALLY posted her Vlog on Mt. Fuji. Here it is. Enjoy folks.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Be-lated Halloween and Exciting news

As you all know (or hopefully you all know. You do know this, right?) last month was Halloween. All hallows eve. Where the ghosts and ghouls come out to play and you can be anything you. Anything at all. Except a tentacle monster. Please. I'm begging you. Not for the children, but for my sanity, don't EVER be the tentacle monster. Anyways. *hehem*

So. In preparation for Halloween I went overboard. As I always do. I decided to make an "easy" costume. Looks simple. Not much to go on. Oh. What? 3 weeks to Halloween and I have no pattern for this? Okay. I'll wing it. 2 days until Halloween, my first ever hand-made pattern is too small? (Big shocker there.) Okay. No problem. I can fix this. Morning of Halloween, I'm frantically sewing on clasps and making "final" (more changes might be made before Anime Expo next year) adjustments and I've finally finished. Just in the nick of time.

Okay, okay. You get it already. I made a costume. But what was the costume you ask? (And more importantly, why did I bring up AX 2014?)


Rebecca Chambers, at your service!

Yep. I did it. Adjustments are in order, boots need to be bought, and that dang hem needs to be faded, but I'll be wearing this, if all goes according to plan, to Anime Expo next July. Hopefully I'll catch some of you there!

Had a party with some friends at the school.

A red shirt died. A lot.

Killed the zombies.

Struck a pose.

Overall, had a good night. 

But that's not the big news. The big news. Which I've been waiting to announce is... Wait for it....

That's right. China. For about 10 days. Thanks to some unexpected financial aid and some awesome circumstances, I'll be going to China in December and then be back in Japan just in time for new years before I head home to the States. (I don't want to gooooo!!!)

So there you have it. The big news. The cat is out of the bag! China! Granted, I probably won't really leave the Shanghai area (I don't have an endless supply of money, okay?), but I'm super stoked.

In less newsy news for those of you who already know, my sister will also be in Japan from November 19th-26th. We're doing the full circuit in 7 days. Kyoto, Osaka, Nikko, Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, Ueno, Harajuku, etc., etc. You get the point. I'll be taking a week off from school in order to spend it with her, so I'm thoroughly excited.

That's all I have to say. Feels like I'm spoiling you all with updates this month. Anyways, stay tuned! Obviously more adventures to come soon!

Oh, last thing. I swear. Practice test for the JLPT N3 level is this weekend on Sunday and I won the lottery to take it. Cram time. Starting tomorrow. Treating this like the real deal. The actual test is coming up fairly quickly on December 1st, so I'm getting nervous about that too. Anyways. I promised that was the last, and the last it is. Have fun gang!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pay at Conbini

So. I might be procrastinating today, but only juuust a little. Anyways, I just came to the realization that I am addicted to something. It is something that I will not have access to when I go home and I am entirely upset by this fact.

What am I addicted to? Well, it's not a food or drink (and no mom. Not drugs. Drugs are bad. Mmm'kay?)

I'm addicted to paying for things at the conbini. To the extent that if there is not a "Pay at conbini" option I will shop on a different website (or store in the case of Amazon).

In Japan there are conbinis everywhere. I have to 7-11s withing 3 blocks of the dorm gates in either direction, a Daily Tamazaki (but let's face it, no one shops there) one block farther and a Family Mart within a 5 minute walk. When I first got here I ALWAYS wanted to pay by card. Now, I prefer paying cash. I don't go over my budgeting and it really is my preferred option now.

Sure, it's annoying if you mess up when you write down the payment number and you have to come home for the right one, but generally it's super awesome. Want to buy something on Amazon? Pay at the conbini. Want to pay your health insurance or gas bill? Pay at the conbini. Want to buy a ticket for that musical you want to see? Pay at the conbini.

Anyways, I guess that was the whole point of this update. Paying at the conbini rocks.

Oh. And I have a video for you to. No, not a video of me paying at a conbini. It is a quick walk through of the Japan Women's University campus. Just the outsides of the buildings, but it'll give you an idea of what's what. (Video will be live here shortly. If it's not up when you click the link, try back in just a bit.) Enjoy.