Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas time Disney Sea

Alrighty, the first thing I want to tell you is Tokyo has a Disney Land and a Disney Sea. The former being targeted towards a younger audience and the later toward an older audience. The second thing is that Japan is CRAZY about seasonal everything. Not even kidding. Ice cream? It comes in seasonal flavors. Bread? The same. Clothes? You bet. Perfume? Most likely. Why should it be any different when it comes to Disney? Well, it isn't.

The first thing all my friends said when I told them I was going to Disney Sea last week was "You're going to Christmas version Disney Sea!?! That's the best!" Variate that with "I want to go!" and "I haven't been to Christmas Disney Sea!" and you get the gist. I'm pretty sure this place doesn't change that much between seasons, but it's a thing. A big one. So yeah.

Is this seasonal or normal? Does anybody know?
Secondly, I need to apologize to you Jessica. When you talked about Disney Sea in your video months and months ago I didn't believe you. You talked about the level of detail in this place that was amazingly intricate and detailed and realistic and fantastic and I thought it couldn't be that much different. Here you go Jessica. Your public apology. I didn't believe you. I'm so, so sorry.

Everything she said in her video months and months back was soooo true. The level of detail in this place is STUNNING. Waiting in the (incredibly long) line for the Journey to the Center of the Earth line we were winding through this man made cave. It looked in every way like a cave might found in nature. It looked like it would feel just like cave rock when you touched it, but when touched it was cement and paint. Everything here looked sooo incredibly real that you literally had to touch it to remind yourself it wasn't. Briana found herself doing this throughout the Agribah area because all the wooden posts looked like they should be splintering and they were, once more, made of concrete. This place is amazing. It blew my mind.

Now. Admittedly we didn't go on a lot of rides. We went on a lot of kids rides (short to no lines).

 We also went on one of the big ones, Journey to the Center of the Earth. We also did a full circle of the park. I couldn't believe this place was in Tokyo. It was so BIG and so WIDE and OPEN. I really felt like I'd been transported somewhere outside of Tokyo and into this magical kingdom. Our motto of the night was "Oh! Guys! Look at that! Look, look!"

Overall, it was definitely worth the visit. If you're considering hitting it up, just do it! And remember, they stop selling fast passes prior to 6pm so if you want fast passes at Tokyo Disney Sea the after 6pm pass won't cut it since they stop doing them about then.

We are going crazy in the LOOOONNNG line. One of us... one of us...
Enjoy the attached photos and remember, no matter how old you are Disney is magic. 190% magic.


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