Saturday, June 7, 2014

What I need

So, I said before I wouldn't be asking for graduation or going away gifts, but a large insistence by those in my life has made me upload this post. So. To everyone who wants to know what I want, I would like to receive things I need or a gift card to purchase them. I'll update this as needed.
Shorts , 2 pair
Pants, 1 pair
Medicine - money for my Levoxyl, ibuprofen (one Kirkland bottle), immodiom, gasx
Cash - I am moving to japan August 2nd, as you all know, only I will not receive my first check until the end of September. I need enough to get by until then. Whether in the form of a gift OR a loan. I also need money to ship over some of my belongings that won't fit in my suitcase weight limitations.
I promise not to sound so needy in future posts.


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