Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just a little bit of pixie dust

Hey everyone! Long time no see! There hasn't been much to report over the summer. Thus my lack of writing. So hello! How have you been? Would love to hear from you!

I think I have already announced it, but if not, I will be in Shizuoka prefecture. I will be at, let's call it, Serenity High School (because I'm an uber Firefly nerd) and I'm just about set for my trip. It's also official that Chelsea will be in Japan, up in Nagano, but the poor girl has around 4 schools. I have another friend being place in Fukushima, one in Kobe and another... oh dear... I seem to have forgotten. I'll let you know later.

As for getting ready for the trip, I've spent the better part of a week packing, unpacking, repacking, throwing away what felt like everything and then repacking it all again. I'm not even kidding about that. Since I've come home I've gotten rid of what amounts to probably 10 large bins full of my stuff. I've given some of it away and chucked the rest because I've come to the realization that I can't take it all with me and I can't store it indefinitely. I still have a couple bins of stuff stored at my parent's (thanks mom and dad!), but I've let go of all the junk, and really, that's what all things are in the end, and I'm ready to press forward with this move.

That said, I am taking and sending a fair bit. If there was one thing I learned my last go around in Japan, it was to bring all the clothes and all the shoes because I am a human sized person and Japanese clothes and shoes do not fit me. To that extent, my large suitcase is full up at 50 pounds and my medium suitcase is half full of clothes.

Unfortunately airlines have decided they hate everyone, so whereas last year I had 2 free checked bags now I only have one free checked bag. Quite a rip off, but I'm going to foot the bill for the second bag ($100) thanks to a bottle and can collection fund raiser I've spent the better part of my summer doing. Thanks to everyone who helped out! I've also got two 14"x14"x14" boxes I'm sending over with things like shoes, the one blanket I just can't seem to throw away, deodorant, etc. Maybe I'm sending a little bit much, but I'm hoping to make the move to Japan a permanent one, so I'm taking all my most prized possessions with me. This includes my PS3 which I'm trying to finagle into my carry on. I'm REALLY hoping I don't have to send it on later as that would be a major waste of space in my carry on I could have otherwise used. I just would really rather not mail it and risk it getting broken.

So that was a lot of random, uninteresting rambling. I did speak with my predecessor a week or two back and received the first of, what I'm sure will be many, "You will not be living in Tokyo" speeches. While I love Tokyo, and it's where I want to end up, I know that, for now, I am not going to be in Tokyo. That doesn't mean I'll embrace the challenge any less.

Goals for the next three years are as followed. 1) Don't get kicked out of JET. I hear that it's pretty hard to get kicked out, so I should be good. 2) Attain Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification. I hear JET offers a grant on this. More info to come later. 3) Attain N2 Japanese fluency. If the keigo doesn't kill me first. 4) Find a job in Tokyo area, most likely with a long commute and no room and enjoy my life forever.

So there you have it. My update. However good/bad, rambling/concise, boring/interesting it might be. You decide.

I take off on August 2nd with a JET orientation on the 1st. So. Until I return home, take care!


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