Monday, September 29, 2014

Tokyo and Back

This weekend has been bitter sweet. On one hand, I was able to visit the city I love most, Tokyo. On the other hand, I'm now sitting on the bullet train, bummed to be returning to the countryside. 

Don't get me wrong. I love my cheap rent, cheap groceries, my work place and students. I just have to face the facts. The countryside is not for me. Something about giant spiders and the city closing down by 8 pm that turns me off to it I think. 

Either that or I just got spoiled living in Tokyo for a year. 

Regardless. Tokyo is the place I love most in this country. Maybe even the world (except during summer). So I was extremely excited to go back for the weekend. 

         (I love finding houses like this in Tokyo.)

This trip was full of a lot of my old haunts. Gaming with my D&D group, the Shibuya Hub, Pepper Lunch, Takadanobaba (Crouching Tiger Hidden Eagle was undergoing renovations sadly) as well as a new stop. 

My friend and I visited the Okunitaima Shrine chestnut festival and feasted on the wonderful festival food and delightful performances. 

There were also a ton of adorable lanterns lighting the path. 

My friend Rika even joined us for the evening and we had a blast catching up and trying hookah for the first time. Who'd have known I'd end up trying that?

Tokyo, I miss you. I'll be back before long. 


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