Friday, February 13, 2015

Let's Watch!

A couple of weeks ago, I was moping about as I tried to figure out a lesson plan. I finished all my volunteer related material. More grammar review would be overkill (they could do this grammar stuff in their sleep). Also, I really, really didn’t want to do Valentines Day. My JTE’s request for this lesson? Frozen. Specifically watch a couple scenes and do “Do you want to build a snowman?” Now. I love this movie. Watched it three times in a row this week. Three times over the weekend and will watch it 7 more times next week. Oh yeah. I’m a Disney NUT. 

                 However, I learned that many of my students had never even seen the movie. So, midweek, I made a plan. Next week we're going to have our first “Let’s Watch” lunch series. After class I approached one of my JTE’s who didn’t have a problem with it, but directed me to my head JTE because she didn’t know if the students are allowed to eat in the LL room. From there I was sent to the head of the first years (because they’re my main audience) who cleared it. Twenty minutes later we were handing out flyers to the home room teachers to post for the students. Following my JTE’s advice, the posters are in Japanese, but if it gets them to come and hear English and watch an awesome movie, I’m cool with that.

                   Right now, it’s PR time. I have a big poster right outside the LL door and I’m approaching students and asking them to come. At first, they’re nervous and don’t want to come because the movie will be in English, but they relax and get very excited since I’ve decided we’ll have subtitles in Japanese this time. We’re still a few days out from the lunch time showings, which will run Wednesday-Friday next week, but I’m very excited.

                   I hope we have at least a few students show up. This is definitely something I’d like to continue and turn into a series. Last three days of the month lunch or something like that. Mix it up and show some (school appropriate) films that everyone knows. My fingers are crossed, hopefully I can give you an update soon. 


qwacksalot said...

Love frozen.

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