About Me

Hello, my name is Illaura. I am a recent graduate of the University of Oregon and I grew up just across the river in good old Springfield (a.k.a. Springtucky).

Now I am currently living out my dream of teaching English in Japan. I currently work at a totally top secret high school, let's call it Serenity High School, in Shizuoka Prefecture as part of the JET program. I hope to stay on the program for the maximum period allowed (5 years) before finding more permanent work in Japan as an English teacher!
私の家族 - My Family..
I have a very large family. I grew up with three siblings and two parents who gave us everything they could! My grandparents have always been very involved and loved to spoil us like all grandparents should. We had a surprise addition to our family, my 5 year old sister, who is the reason I first wanted to become a teacher! In fact, I created my website Kids Japanese for her and it is now being used by college, high school and elementary school students.